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Friday, February 1, 2019

Penditji Best Astrologer

Best Astrologer

Although science and technology have penetrated in every sphere of life still one cannot deny the relevance and importance of astrology and astrologer in today’s world. Astrology or Jyotishgyan is an ancient science which deals with the past, present and future of mankind simultaneously. 

An astrologer or bhavishyewakta is a person who carries the deep understanding and knowledge of different forms and movements of planets, the sun and the moon in the birth chart and using this wisdom he can interpret the past and forecast the future of any person. They also explain the unseen and visible traits and personality feature of the concerned person. To carry out the astrological predictions and interpretation, astrologers prepare the horoscope, which is basically is a diagrammatical chart depicts the celestial position of all nine planets, the sun, the moon and their corresponding angles at the time of birth of the person.

Being the horoscopist, astrologers correlates the cosmos planet family with individual’s stars and celestial bodies with each other. In addition, they also translate how the heavenly body influences on one’s individual traits and personality throughout the life. The estimation and duration of good and bad phases of life are another salient features of astrology.  Usually, best astrologers can predict and suggest about:

1.       Solutions about day to day family problems;
2.       Remedies of Grah Doshas;
3.       Suitable time and remedies for marriage or late marriage;
4.       Way to live a successful life;
5.       How to get rid of from relationship problems in married life;
6.       Astronomical treatments of health issues;
7.       Means to get a suitable job;
8.       Corrective measure for long-pending court cases;
9.       Cure-all for childless couples;
10.   Roadmap for conversion of damaged financial luck into good fortune;
11.   Black Magic to control anyone;
12.   Solution of Negative Energy;
13.   Preventive measure for property related issues;
14.   Answer to education related problems;

With the amalgamation of information technology now astrologers also taking advantage of modern ICT tools in predictions and astronomical treatments. Nowadays mostly fortune-tellers, develop websites to reach the society. To attract the customers they are extending some services free of cost including:

1.       Free Online Birth Chart Calculation and Wheel Drawing;
2.       Free Online Lunar Return Chart Calculation and Wheel Drawing;
3.       Free Online Planetary Hours Calculator;
4.       Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Horoscopes;
5.       Free Personalised Horoscope;
6.       Love Compatibility;
7.       Gem Stones;
8.       Panchang;
9.       Sun Signs;
10.   Manglik Dosha;

No one can deny from this effectiveness and scope of astrology in daily life as this is the science of stars and planets. Now it is proven fact that the movement and transition of these heavenly bodies make a great impact on individual’s life. All astrological predictions based on a mathematical calculation of transiting stars and planets hence very little chance to prove wrong. Thus, astrological services not only bring fresh air in daily life where everyone is trying to find a way amidst in different problems and issues but also creates new hope at any dead-end like the situation in life.  The predictions and solutions in astrology give solid back and support in day-to-day life. 

Whenever a person passes through a tough phase of life, a good astrologer can become savior that time. An expectation of good fortune injects new rays of hope in the life and the person can prepare himself to receive maximum benefit from the universe.

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