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Friday, September 7, 2018

Home Remedies for Black Magic

The purpose of every day life is to grow spiritually and enhance one’s energy field.Thoughts have to be positive about everyone together with your own self.The reason why I take care of this topic today is simply because all over the world  people have problems with negative thought-forms.This blog will give you the solution to Black Magic and never having to go to any spiritual person.
All our works simply have this value-that they awaken some on the reality in this horror-and make sure they are flee for refuge for some place-beyond-which is known as God-or Christ or Brahma or Buddha or Allah or Soul or The Self.Names don’t make much difference.

Again we need to always remember our is simply to work-we never attain results-How will we? Good can’t ever be done without having done any evil. We cannot breathe a breath without killing countless poor little animals. National prosperity can be another name of death & degradation to millions of other races. So is individual prosperity the beggaring of countless.  Such is truth-the wisdom is therefore in renunciation, that is- for making the Lord/Soul/Self our altogether.

Black magic means with your energy, wasting it, in dominating others. White magic means employing the same methods, but employing your energy in dominating your life, transforming into a master of yourself.The only useful thing is always to dominate yourself. Dominating others or just being dominated is useless, a wastage of energy. Nothing is achieved through it – just an egoistic feeling that you could dominate.

f you head over to a person who does Black Magic,he uses your negative thought form and combines it in reference to his own negative thought form and sends it on the so-called victim.I have personally never met these types of people.Soul is God and everyone shares precisely the same soul.Ignorance is really a person not the same as each other.Harming someone means harming your personal self.The impact of Karma is 100 times.All they get is satisfaction of these false ego in dominating other.

If you did Black Magic with your past life,you be realistic in the present life but a majority of of the time these ignorant Black Magic people create new karma.Hating them,disliking them creates negative karma of thought helping fulfil their mission.Send positive thought forms about bat roosting ignorant people so they really overcome their negativity.Nature from the soul is usually to attain Moksha and everyone these days in one of his/her lifetime will attain Moksha. Some people make their spiritual journey tough by participating in negative karma.